Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Much merriment has been going on around here, we had a party for 3 graduates over the Memorial Weekend and a baby shower for Miss Betty. 
My sister came to town for all the festivities and we were busy every day doing a lot of things I can no longer recall, but I know we had great fun and it was all important doings. I did take Mary Margaret to the Abby. Oh, was she impressed! We walked Station Road, though we did not say the Stations of the Cross, we had very little time. Walked all through the Chapel building, picked up a few reading materials, then we walked around the back ( I had not been there) and a huge barn with a heard of cattle came into view. It was breath taking!!!! 
The first weekend in June we had another  family graduation and my daughter's birthday to celebrate! I am not use to this much socializing, we loved it but were in bed sooo early Sunday evening, I mean by 6:30! I slept all night too.
For Caitlin's birthday I made a BIG quilt! She and Jason love it, the quilt fits the bed.
It is  2inch squares sewed and sewed together, a great way to use up scraps, however, I feel I always end up with more scraps, how does that happen?
I casted on a new scarf, something I really needed..Ha Ha Ha!
It is a mindless knit, "shawl in garter stitch pattern". Easy peasy, the edge has a simple crochet stitch that gives the shawl a very elegant finish look.
I'm using yarn from my stash- another bonus!
It doesn't look as if this weekend will be a slow one either, The Wool Festival in Estes is Saturday and Sunday. Next summer, since I will be retired, I plan on taking at least one class at the Wool Fest. 
How is your summer shaping up?
Keep safe and be happy! Till next post......


Karen Sue said...

Beautiful Quilt. I have a few to quilt this summer and I'm draggin my feet on them. Wrists are issue. I was going to take a long arm class and then do them that way, but I'm running out of time on 2 of them... they need done by the end of the month... this month...guess what I'm still piecing?!! Thanks for the motivation. I will just sandwich the first one and quilt it myself on my Juki. I'll have it done in less time than I've already spent fretting about scheduling the class and then the machine time...

Bonnie said...

Busy busy! So am a I. I haven't updated my blog for months. Your quilt is lovely. I keep thinking I will give away my small pieces and yardage I no longer want BUT I JUST CANT BRING MYSELF TO DO IT.

kathy b said...

So much family time is awesmoe! So happy you had so much fun you fell as asleep early!! Love your quilting Im a knitter

steph said...

busy busy busy!!!!! but all fun busy-ness!!! enjoy. hope the rest of the summer continues along these same lines!


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