Monday, May 4, 2015


so what are these people looking at from across the street and why is Caitlin zoo HAPPY?

and what is Erin walking toward?

why, the new pergola they built for Caitlin’s- Me Oh My Pie and Coffee of course.
and yes it rained all day….
but it was a big success and fun had by all, (although one Dad was sore the following day, but so happy to spend the day with his girls. He is a very proud  Dad of his children…as is Mom)!
Caitlin cooked up a HUGE meal of crawdads (crayfish)  she order up from Louisiana.
and later that evening, the sun came out with a special appearence of the rainbow.

other than pergola’s being crafted, I have been busy sewing baskets and quilts. I’m cutting oh so many 2.5 inch squares for a scrap quilt and this honey is taking me down memory lane… joyful!
I have set aside my bubble gum pink quilt for a wee weekend and the pups felt I had given it to them,
no, oh no my sweets! i do love that all breathing creatures , no matter 2 legs or 4 legs enjoy my quilts. heart swelling!
the garden is getting into full swing, Eric has cleaned winter out, turned the compost pile on the garden and I have already planted some cool weather plants. OK, I have also planted pots with some flowers a bit early for our weather here on the front range, but…I couldn’t wait another day for some soon to be color.

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Kyle said...

Congratulations to Caitlin and her continuing successful and now expanding business.


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