Sunday, February 8, 2015


my second red and white quilt that i started 2-3 years ago. i got as far as cutting out all the tiny squares, (strip cutting and piecing), but then it sat in a bag, one of the many project bags!
since i love "running fabric through a machine", i set up the sweet feather weight sewing machine and began "running" fabric. i find mindless sewing very relaxing. at the end, if i'm lucky, it all works together and wha-laa i have a quilt top. 
the simplicity of two color quilts speak's to me, nothing fancy, what you see is it. nothing for the mind to figure out, just two colors and one shape, in three different sizes. simplicity!


Alica said...

That machine looks a lot like my Mom's, that she uses all the time! :)

Kyle said...

Looks great. I always think of you just running the fabric through. :0)

Bonnie said...

I love two color quilts Eileen. They're so traditional and they're the quilts I like best. How will you quilt this one?

Terrie Sandelin said...

"Run it through! Just run it through!" Remembering that just makes me smile. Someday I'll pull out the project back that has the pieces for those baskets and I'll definitely be thinking of you! (Are you remembering Kyle's basket quilt class?)


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