Wednesday, April 30, 2014


beautiful cake made by a co-worker for easter dinner
which we had on the back porch.

grilling sunday dinner

The theme of the past week is WIND. It has been blowing for days now, the kind of wind that slams into the house and shakes the entire building,
Not to mention my poor white matter.  The irritability barometer is rising, everyone is tired of having mood and body blown { pushed} around. The hardest part is that one week ago signs of spring were everywhere, the sun was warm, I was being called to the garden, planting time!  All put on hold this week because of the ...WIND!
So this morning I went to my office and turned on this..

{ gotta love the flute, i mean really- when was the last time one saw the flute part of a band! the last time i have was at st. paul of the cross grade school. our band consisted of the flute and the triangle that clanged .....a lot. makes me smile today ;-)}

Yes, I got smiles !!!!! { from all those over 50 }.
I just try to do what I can to start the day off right.

Have been sewing up a windy storm, but more on that later
Keep smiling
soon the complaint will be “ it’s soo HOT”.

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