Sunday, May 26, 2013


Oh my stars, has it ever been a long time since i posted anything.

yes, i am still on the planet and busy sewing tops, quilting and of course knitting.
i have decided that ravelry- a favorite site of mine is as addictive as pinterest.
i can spend hours on either site, lately ravelry is chewing up some of my time.

nathan has been here for a week plus and how wonderful to have him home.
he and mr.p went to the big horn for some quality fishing time. now home for the holiday weekend.
we will be doing some grilling and having some family here for good eats.
the youngest came home too for the weekend......that sweet girl has switched to the night shift and has her clock all round backwards. today will be sloooow and nappy for her.
no problem though, that is the speed of my house----slow---relaxed---and please no one move too fast, it will hurt our eyes not to mention make us all anxious. the middle child [ the pie lady ] will be over later for some refreshments and good food.
she has been crazy at her newly acquire coffe-pie shop-------so so happy for her.
stop by her place this weekend if you are in the hood of laporte, 
she will be open this sunday too!

the boy

the boy
at bear lake

i have no idea what i was doing

sweeties at rocky mountain park

wurm hat
the yarn must be 20 years old from my stash

rio baby dress
yarn from trip to china 3 years ago

it is time for a nap-----again.


Bonnie said...

Hope you're having a great weekend Eileen. How nice to have your children home. Love the hat and dress.

karen said...

good to see you! I hope you have fun with him home and your knitting is lovely. I am quite partial to the wurm hat :)


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