Thursday, December 4, 2008


It's snowing!!!!!! I love snow,I love winter. Yes it is true I am a winter lady not a summer gal . Winter is so clean, fresh with every new snow , and not to mention cool. I DO NOT like HOT!
Anyways, I turned on my Christmas lights outside this AM , Beautiful, the bushes with fresh snow on them are all lit up. 
I am off today and have lots to do, cleaning bathrooms,floors, shopping (food), and of course finish some binding on my Santa quilt. Tonight is Nano,Nano quilt group. Will be good to see everyone and what they all have been sewing on. We have some very prolific sewers in this group, makes me green, wish I had more time to get through that room of fabric.
Am going to take a scrap-booking class on line this month. Crazy, when I got married their were not even computers and now I have a blog and taking classes on line. Seems surreal!! The class is done by Melody Langsworthy, Candid Thoughts Blog. this is one worth checking out.

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