Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today my youngest moved out and into her own apartment. I can remember when they were young, high-school ,  how I could not wait till they were on their own. But today after she and her Dad left I went up to her room and to see it empty left a big empty space in me. It seems Eric and I have spent our life raising kids and now the youngest has flown the coup. Not that she left the room clean, oh no I will spend several hours cleaning and throwing things out!

I have been spending allot time out in the garden. These are just a few pictures. Planted some more beans and lettuce today. The lettuce I planted in big containers, my Mom would do this on her back porch, sooo here is to MOM.

I have been machine quilting a baptist fan on this summer quilt. I have a long way to go before I'm good. practice makes perfect ( I hope). have also been trying to find a source for making homemade soap. The lye and all the oil seems hard to locate, am sure I just do not know where to look.

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